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Selecting The Best Acid Reflux Diet Plan

In order for you to determine the best acid reflux diet plan, you need to know the reaction of your body to the different kinds of food. You can now make your own acid reflux diet plan when you determine these things.

There are some food that can or cannot trigger acid reflux.

Below is an example of this kind of situation:

Here is an example,two people are both suffering from acid reflux disorder. Lets name them person A and person B.

Person A has problems when eating food that are spicy, he experiences severe heart burn and for person B, he can eat food that is spicy without experiencing heartburn. However, person 2 also experience acid reaction when he drinks a lot of coffee, while person A can drink as many as he want without having any acid reaction. This just means that everyone has different food tolerance. This is the reason why you should make a list of food that can cause acid reflux. Your own experiences is the basis for creating the best acid reflux diet plan.

Below is a list of some of the food that can cause an acid reaction:

A. Tomatoes- This contains a lot of acid, that is why this is considered as the number one cause of acid reaction.

B. Drinks that contains caffeine- This kind of drink can really cause an acid reaction However, plenty people find it hard to avoid these drinks.

C. Ice cream and creamy desserts- These are types of food that are really hard to avoid.

D. Citrus drinks and fruits- You will have the best acid reflux diet plan when you remove these kind of food and drinks in your diet plan.

E. Foods that are spicy- This can really trigger acid reaction, especially for those people who has GERD disease.

F. Foods that are fatty and fried- It is best if you stay away from these kinds of food in order for your health to be better.

Here is the list of foods that should be part of acid reflux diet plan:

A. Wheat bread- This is really good for your diet since it is really soothing in the stomach.

B. The best fruits are peaches, apples, pears and bananas.

C. Eggs- This is where you can get protein.

D. Cheese and ice cream that does not contain fat.

This list are just sample of the foods that can or cause acid reaction, however, you still need to create an acid diet plan that is based on the reactions of your body to the other kinds of food. However if you do not have problems with eating regular ice cream then you can go ahead and eat it as long as it is controlled.