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Quit Smoking Methods-The Effectiveness Of These Methods Trying to quit smoking is not as easy as it sounds. Quit smoking is a very difficult task especially for people who have been smoking for years now. But there are some effective methods that a person can do to quit smoking. Here are helpful and effective quit smoking methods: A.) Quit smoking gradually This method is a the most effective quit smoking method and its effectiveness is also proven. This method is effective because you will be telling your brain and body that smoking is not good for you. You need to direct your mind. The good thing with this method is that you do not need to undergo therapy. This method is really proven and a lot of people quit smoking because of this method.
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B.) Immediately quit smoking
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This is method is also proven and effective that is why it is also popular. This type of quit smoking method is a very simple method because you do not need to undergo therapy and take any type of medication. You need to have a very strong will power if you really want to succeed in using this type of quit smoking method. You need to drink a lot of water when you use this method because it will release all the toxins that you accumulated while you were smoking. The next thing that you can do is to substitute smoking with eating sweets and chewing gum. You need to keep yourself busy so you do not need to think about smoking all the time. C.) Aversive therapy The aversive method is an effective quit smoking method. In this method, they will tell you all the bad effects of smoking. There are some research that there are a lot of smokers that quit when they learn about the harmful effects. Using silver acetate, rapid smoking and administering electrical shocks are examples of the other types of aversive therapy. D.) Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is another word for self-hypnosis, this method helps in making the body and mind calm. This method is really good for smokers who also wish to erase psychological addiction. If you will use this method, then it is best if you choose a certified hypnotherapist that has a lot of experience. You can ask around if they know experienced hypnotherapist. Try looking at the internet and search for the best and experienced hypnotherapist that is near your location. All of the mentioned quit smoking methods are effective however the effect depends on how the body of the person will react. Patience and having a strong will power is very important if you want to succeed and permanently quit smoking. Note that these quit smoking methods will not guarantee overnight results, it will take time and patience.