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What to Ask Painting Contractors

In all honestly, you won’t have difficulty in hiring painting contractors, the difficulty lies in choosing the best one for the job. Take note that you can’t just hire the first painting contractor you see, you need to screen them one by one and choose the best one to perform the work.

Asking the representative to describe the painting job they do

The painting contractor should appoint a representative that can easily discuss with you all the expertise of the company as well as various services offered. You should be able to hear answers that directly answers your inquiries; clear, precise and easy to understand.
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Is the workforce made up of professionals with stable schedules?
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How many years have they worked for the company? Are the said employees part-time or full-time? Please describe how your employees are trained in order to incorporate new techniques and rules set out as well as environment issues. How long have your painters been professional at their job?

What kind of painting job do you specialize in?

Commercial, institutional, residential paint jobs, which do you specialize in? What does that particular painting contractor focus on? There are painting contractors that take on residential pain jobs for household owners that want a flawless finish. Of course there are those that are experts on commercial property paint jobs which will require the fastest and most flawless work each and every time, they also need to follow schedule and even specific instructions.

Describing their work process.

People will only seek out contractors that provide the best possible paint job service out there that can provide whatever the client might ask for in terms of paint styles. The professional painting contractor should be able to analyze what a client wants in terms of pain jobs, perform all the proper preparation of the surface area; in terms if procedure, they should only apply the best and latest techniques at the time with the help of their professional and experienced painters.

Asking them for any reference

In terms of reference, the painting contractor should be able to present a long list of current clients and even people they have worked with in the past. The list should contain various painting references organized by a system; it should be organized by street, town and even by neighborhood. Not only that, but the said examples should also be displayed on the website of the painting contractor; kind of like a special feature or an online portfolio of their best paint projects.

Various certificate and licenses they are able to present

Before painting contractors can legally operate, they are required to register for a license as a contractor. In order to make sure that the said painting contractor is legally registered, you can ask the Department of Consumer Protection.