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Self Help Tips to Stop Touching Yourself Touching oneself has been happening throughout history and in every culture. For a lot of teenagers, it is how they discover what gives them pleasure prior to undertaking grown-up sexual relationships. It only becomes problematic if the act subjugates other aspects of your life or if your principles or religion disallows it. Listed below are some self help tips to manage your feelings, handle your yearnings and exercise self-discipline. Look for other things to do with your time and energy. Stuff your day with a lot of appealing activities. The elation in undertaking something new can help supersede the stimulus to touch yourself besides drawing your attention away from it if the temptation arises. Unleash your creativity. Ever wondered why monks and sages throughout history managed to be creative? They have done it through sublimation or the process of converting sexual craving to creative thoughts. You may want to start writing poems or stories, picking up how to play a musical instrument, painting or drawing on a canvas, or whatever else gives you the feeling you are doing something worthwhile.
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Take up a sport. You need willpower and perseverance to be good at a sport. Cultivate a liking for cycling or running, or a team sport like basketball, volleyball, football or baseball. Whatever the sport may be, it will help relieve your tension, make you feel happier, and focus your physicality in a positive way. You may also try yoga which is a good way to relax and gain wellness while dampening the desire to touch yourself.
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Eat a balanced diet. Do not disregard fruits and vegetables and their healthful effects on the body. They will give you the nutrients you need to boost your energy and make you more alive throughout the day. Look for a new hobby or learn a new skill. As it will take time to master a new skill or hobby, it will help refocus your brain away from the instant gratification of touching yourself to the delayed gratification from achieving new goals. Examples of these skills are woodcarving, cooking, baking, gardening, public speaking or even archery. Try volunteering your time. You may want to dedicate your energy to the less fortunate by lending a hand in a shelter, improving blighted areas, tutoring low-income schoolchildren, or organizing a fundraiser. Your benevolence will go a long way in helping others and keep your mind occupied from going astray from your goals. If you want to end your compulsion to touch yourself, then do it for personal and moral reasons instead of relating it to health. Touching yourself is not a cause for hair loss, blurred vision, skin problems, impotence, infertility, anxiety disorder, depression, etc. Do not fall for urban legends about what touching yourself can do to your body. Educate yourself on how to stop touching yourself time and again.