5 Disease Can Be Treated With Cannabis

During this time marijuana is considered as one form of illicit drugs and just simply have a bad effect on the body. But recently the name of hashish or marijuana was rising in the health field.
Researchers found many health effects that can be given marijuana to help treat a variety of diseases. Increasingly, more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana for treatment of certain diseases, because researchers have proved the use of cannabis in the treatment of several diseases. Here are some diseases that can be treated using cannabis.
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Many researchers are already using cannabis in the treatment of several serious diseases:
1. Diseases of the brain
One of the diseases that used cannabis in the treatment is associated with brain disease. A study found that the substance THC contained in marijuana may protect the brain from the death of brain nerve aggressive. It was discovered after researchers conducted a study of rats.
These results indicate that cannabis can also be used in the treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other related brain cell damage and damage to a person’s cognitive abilities. Moreover, cannabinoids contained in THC may also reduce the risk of decline in cognitive abilities a person when they get older.
2. Breast cancer
Breast cancer is the most deadly type of cancer in women after lung cancer. A study revealed that cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis known to reduce the spread of breast cancer cells and shrink the cancer. These results were published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment in 2001.
3. Lung Cancer
Results are published in the journal Oncogene in this 2008 year revealed that the substance THC in marijuana could prevent the spread of lung cancer specific type. Even so, the researchers still found after doing research on animals. Actual applications is still unknown in humans. However, the researchers believe that the same effect could be demonstrated in humans.
4. Prostate cancer
Cannabis is also expected to be a cure for prostate cancer. A study showed the ability annadamine in marijuana may prevent the growth of prostate cancer. In addition, annadamine also the cannabinoid receptors.
The results of this study make researchers are increasingly convinced that cannabis is a substance that can be used in the treatment of cancer. Even so they do more research on marijuana that can be used to prevent the spread and lethal prostate cancer cells.
5. Pancreatic cancer
An international study found the effects of cannabinoid found in marijuana against pancreatic cancer. They found that cannabinoids can reduce the size of the pancreatic tumor. This study did not demonstrate directly that marijuana can be used to treat pancreatic cancer, but the researchers believe that there is a substance in marijuana that can be used for the treatment of pancreatic cancer more effectively.
Well, That’s 5 Disease Can Be Treated With Cannabis. Take your antipathy toward cannabis, because the substances in it that also can provide health benefits. Researchers also have found a way to take it with useful substances and eliminate the bad effects owned by the cannabis plant.