Benefits of Marijuana

During this marijuana plant is considered as a substance that is harmful to health. Actually, it happens because of the irregularities in its use. The use of cannabis in excessive amounts can lead to addiction effects, causing anxiety, can cause damage to the brain, and can increase the risk of heart attack.

But if you use it properly and according to the rules, then the marijuana will have many benefits for the body.

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Here are some surprising benefits of the cannabis plant:

Prevent epileptic seizures

According to the invention was published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics stated that marijuana use can prevent epileptic seizures, ie by binding to brain cells responsible for controlling stimuli and organize relaxation.

Can reduce the symptoms of seizures (Dravet syndrome)

The doctors recommend treatment with cannabidiol in cannabis plants to calm overactivity in the brain that cause seizures.

Cannabis can reduce anxiety

The use of medical marijuana world can help relieve pain and suppress nausea, marijuana can also be used to alleviate the side effects of a chemotherapy. Cannabis can also act as a sedative in low doses. However, the use of higher doses can increase anxiety and lead to paranoid.

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