Benefits of White Turmeric to Overcome Various Weight Diseases

One of the most widely known spices has a remarkable benefit is Turmeric Spice Recipes. This time we will review about the benefits of turmeric herbal type. It’s just not about the benefits of yellow saffron commonly known, but the benefits of white turmeric.


White turmeric is not much known as good as yellow turmeric. In fact, this herb is also unusual to be used as cooking spices as we usually know in yellow turmeric type. Most people know the benefits of white turmeric more as an herb for traditional medicine.


Actually white turmeric itself has a lot of difference with yellow turmeric. White turmeric rhizome closer to the rhizome kencur than with yellow turmeric. You will more see the proximity of rhizomes mango with yellow temu so that many people mistakenly distinguish between mango and temu turmeric white. White turmeric looks unraveled with small grain-shaped rhizomes.


Nevertheless apparently the content of compounds contained in white turmeric is actually closer to yellow turmeric. Although the white turmeric contained a kind of mucus that you can also find on kencur. And because the content of this mucus also when you boil white turmeric will usually produce a thick boiled water.


So what are the benefits and benefits of white turmeric for health? Before we discuss the benefits of white turmeric more deeply, you need to know first what the content of this rhizome herb.

The content of white turmeric, among others curcuminoid (includes curcumin, monedes metoksikurnin, desmetoksikurmin), essential oils (ketones, sesquterpen, turmeron, tumeon, zingiberen, sabinen, borneol, sineal monoterpenes, alcohol), fat, carbohydrates, protein, starch, vitamins.


In addition, mirsen white turmeric contains camphor, metal farbinol, gums, salts, minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium). White turmeric also contains antilipid peroxide stored in the mucus.

Benefits of white turmeric one of them to treat tumors and cancer. The results of the American Institute of Cancer study stated that the antioxidant content of white turmeric is very effective to prevent DNA damage that is the culprit of cancer. The content Riboisme In activation protein (RI P) on a white turmeric able to fight cancer cells, suppress and inhibit the development of cancer cells.


According to research conducted by the University of ITB, white turmeric can also prevent colon cancer by inhibiting enzymes. Benefits of other white turmeric according to researchers of traditional medicine from the Faculty of Pharmacy Airlangga University (Unair), Dr. Mangestuti MS Apt said, “Turmeric great merit in the system as a reliever indigestion flatulence, colds, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea maag and treat.”


Besides the benefits of white turmeric should know is that it can treat diabetesmellitus because it can lower blood sugar, as cholesterol and lowering blood fat because it contains anti-cholesterol. It can also be a natural appetite enhancer, accelerate the flow of urine, treat fever, and toothache.

Benefits other white turmeric can cure liver disease, typhus, prevent heart disease, slow the spread of Alzheimer’s disease, and dispel asthma. It can heal burns and overcome bruises because white turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. As a stimulating production of red blood cells in the body and as a bleeding reliever.


For you, women are advised to consume this white turmeric because it can be a natural remedy for whitish, relieve menstrual pain, and menstruation. And it can cleanse the blood and restore the reproductive organs after childbirth. For those who are used this white turmeric can facilitate breast milk.

But for pregnant women is prohibited to consume the concoction of this white turmeric. Because the content of substances contained in white turmeric can harm the fetus in the stomach that resulted in miscarriage, and can also trigger a disturbance of the colon.


Besides the benefits of white turmeric is able to overcome the problems of skin diseases such as scabies and eczema. White turmeric also tackles problems that are closely related to beauty such as can smooth the skin, to get rid of acne, and remove black spots on the skin. Refreshing and healthy skin and can prevent premature aging because the benefits of white turmeric as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals.


Many ways you can do to consume white turmeric. In order to feel the benefits of white turmeric to overcome various health problems. White turmeric can be shredded and squeezed then the juice can be drunk. Can also boil a white turmeric rhizome to drink sari. Or it can also be brewed with hot water. If you want to consume in the form of extract capsules can be obtained at herbal stores.