Exercise for Children – Aerobics

Exercise for Children – Aerobics

In most countries, children are finding an ever increasing problem with children getting the exercise they need.
They used to be glued to the television but now it’s the computer screen, and as more and more countries get these “luxuries”, children seem to get no exercise at all.
This is bad news for children for many reasons.
They are going to stand more chance of being overweight and totally obese due to this lack of aerobic exercise., so in the long term the problems will increase, not only affecting their health but putting an ever increasing burden on the state to pay for the treatment.

They need to exercise often to allow their muscles, hearts and lungs to develop Aerobic exercise is definitely a priority in kids.

Let’s get back to some old fashioned values. Make sure the whole family attacks this problem as a family, not just one rule for the kids and another for you. Make sure that everybody in the family is eating healthier food. Try where possible to have the main meal sitting at the table, not in front of the monster in the corner, it’s all mind-numbing drivel anyway, whatever the country. Added benefits here, you might actually find out what your children are thinking.

You don’t want to appear dictatorial, but set at least some limits on the amount of time they sit front of the TV. Here’s an idea when they are using the computer, look up health related sites and try and discuss the sort of activities you could all enjoy as a family.

Encourage your children to get the right kind of exercise by having family exercise times.
Before dad gets entrenched in his favorite armchair get everybody together and go out, even if it’s just for a stroll and if you are near a play area, do something you can do together, like a game of catch or kicking a ball around. The benefits for the family in general and kids in particular will be enormous; this will definitely give your children an advantage and stand them in good stead in later years.