I Had to Get My Teeth Fixed

In fact there is not anything really wrong with my teeth, but some way or another I have become the spokesperson for my boss’ business. He runs a furniture outlet store and one day he started to put all of us in front of the camera to see if any of us could do this for him. It does pay better than driving a truck and delivering furniture. At any rate they decided that I needed to go see a cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Village and get them to make my teeth all white and shiny. I made a lot of fun of the idea, but I have to admit that they really did a freakishly good job of making the teeth white. Of course the reason that I am good at this new job is that I am not very self conscious and it does not bother me if the script is silly. That is the entire trick in my mind you just do not think about it very much.

It is really weird since the commercials started airing. I was at a sports bar watching a soccer match and suddenly I realized that a bunch of people were staring at me. I looked over and one of the TV sets was playing this ridiculous skit that I had done. It was pretty lame to be honest, but that was part of the idea. The ad man says that making a bad commercial is going to serve a purpose if it is something that gets attention. Obviously people just zone out when the commercials come on. You are inured to them that you do not even think about them any longer and most of them have zero impact. So if you annoy people at least you manage to get their attention.