Instant Right away Cure For Cancer (OCC)

Instant Right away Cure For Cancer (OCC) The Right away Cure For Cancer (OCC) was based mostly on a incredibly obvious comprehension of what leads to cancer at the mobile amount. It was the first option cancer treatment on earth, other than electromedicine and ultraviolet light-weight therapies, which was built specially to speedily revert cancer cells into typical cells.

Why is this significant? It is significant simply because by reverting cancer cells into typical cells (as opposed to killing the cancer cells), incredibly very little, if any, toxins are made in the overall body and thus the liver is guarded. Furthermore, there is no swelling or irritation caused when reverting cancer cells into typical cells.

DMSO is truly anti-inflammatory.

Also, a treatment which reverts cancer cells into typical cells can theoretically overcome cancer inside of 24 hrs (however it will acquire a number of days to “create-up” to therapeutic-amount dosages and it will acquire about three months for the cancer cells to revert their metabolic rate and grow to be typical cells).

The “initial edition” of the OCC treatment employed high doses of DMSO, MSM and incredibly minimal doses of silver nitrate. This edition no extended utilizes MSM, but it nevertheless utilizes silver nitrate and has added other things.

The other variations of the OCC have employed various things in them. Information about all of the merchandise in the OCC will be presented in a further chapter of this post, but a temporary overview of the things will be discussed now.

This edition of the OCC utilizes 5 substances:


2) Silver Nitrate

three) Miracle Mineral Nutritional supplement (i.e. MMS)

four) Colloidal silver (the ASAP As well as brand)

five) An herbal product termed Protandim.

All five of these substances are anti-microbial and simply because of the DMSO all five of these substances will get within of cancer cells!!

A person familiar with prior variations of the OCC may well wonder why MMS (Miracle Mineral Nutritional supplement) is employed alternatively of chlorine dioxide (which is truly “activated MMS”).

Even however chlorine dioxide is a much better anti-microbial product than sodium chlorite (i.e. Miracle Mineral Nutritional supplement or MMS), when chlorine dioxide was combined with DMSO folks had a incredibly challenging time absorbing the DMSO by way of their pores and skin simply because of the big amount of drinking water wanted to make chlorine dioxide.

MMS involves no added drinking water so more MMS can be combined with DMSO than chlorine dioxide and the individual will nevertheless be able to take in it by way of the pores and skin.

Now let us speak about DMSO.

The initial edition of the OCC employed 24 tablespoons of DMSO over a twelve hour period of time, as does this edition. No a single who employed the initial edition complained about applying that much DMSO other than for having pores and skin rashes.

For the reason that the doses of DMSO are so high all of it ought to be taken transdermally (i.e. by rubbing it on the pores and skin and permitting it pass by way of the pores and skin into the bloodstream). If it have been taken orally it would need a number of days to “create-up” to the doses and even then it might trigger tummy troubles.

DMSO is not only antimicrobial, it is the vital to having all of the other merchandise in this protocol (other than for Protandim, which can get within of cells by by itself) within of the cancer cells!!

The DMSO “carries” the silver nitrate and MMS by way of the pores and skin and will get them into the bloodstream. This is vital in the situation of MMS simply because MMS can be incredibly hard on the tummy and would need a “create-up” of its possess.

The two the MMS and silver nitrate are combined in with the DMSO prior to it is rubbed on the pores and skin. These will “bind” to DMSO and will be carried within of the cancer cells.

ASAP As well as, a excellent colloidal silver product, is added to increase the silver nitrate (which ought to be presented in incredibly, incredibly minimal doses). ASAP As well as will concentrate on cancer cells and get within of the cancer cells simply because the DMSO will concentrate on cancer cells and “open” the ports of the cancer cells.

The fifth merchandise in this protocol is Protandim, which is an herbal product which is finest recognized as an anti-oxidant. When it is employed as an anti-oxidant in this protocol, it is truly a vital section of reverting cancer cells into typical cells.

The four herbs and eco-friendly tea (it has no caffeine) in Protandim all get within of cancer cells and all five of these things are antimicrobial!! Thus, this product is truly in this protocol mostly simply because it is a strong . A cancer individual would be incredibly wise to keep on taking Protandim (at only five or 6 capsules a working day, not the twelve capsules a working day in this protocol) just after they have concluded the OCC.

The Instant Right away Cure For Cancer is a slightly elaborate treatment until eventually you realize what is going on. It is often suggested to have a 2nd “pair of eyes” (i.e. a 2nd person) also examine the treatment to make absolutely sure it is accomplished correct and all the regulations are adopted.

This “sixth edition,” as with prior variations, is unquestionably safe and sound. On the other hand, it is felt that this is the most strong of the variations however!!

As with all prior variations, this treatment is not suggested for highly developed cancer sufferers. It is not that this treatment is perhaps unsafe (it is not), it is simply because it will acquire a number of days out of their standard option cancer treatment, which hopefully is a single of the more proven therapies, this kind of as the Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride protocols which are discussed on the “CancerTutor” internet site. For an highly developed cancer individual just about every working day of their treatment is vital.