It is Pretty Amazing How That Juvederm Treatment Works

My mother is 25 years older than me. Her and Dad are from the hippie generation. I was a just turning into a teenager during the Disco era. Does that date us or what? Both of us have noticed wrinkles, thinning lips and other marks of our age. Mom looked up Denver Juvederm to see where was the best place to get the treatments done. They inject a filler to smooth out the wrinkles and make your lips full again. I am not talking about how some of those freaks in Hollywood look. I am talking about getting back your natural youthful look. People can tell you look younger, but they are not sure what you did when you have the treatment done.

Mom said she would not go unless I would have it done too. I told her it was not in our budget for that, and she went ahead and paid for it for me too! I was really happy to have had it done. My husband could not get over how much younger I look. He says he felt like he is dating a college girl. That was a real boost to my confidence. However, it kind of aggravated him when a waiter asked if I was his daughter and if our kids were his grandkids. We laughed, but he didn’t. Well, he gave that courtesy laugh to not be rude.

I told him that he could have the same thing done to him. He thought about it for some time, then he decided to go for it. It was summer when he got it, and people thought he was working out and getting a tan and that was why he looked younger. Well, he had been working out, and he gets tanned every summer. However, no one noticed anything until he got the Juvederm done. It smoothed out his face really nice. He looks like a young cowboy now. My favorite look!