Marijuana Could Actually Help Overcome Muscle Soreness

Some people with multiple sclerosis has started using marijuana to overcome some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, including spasticity, a condition in which the muscles of the legs or arms contracts (cramps), which makes people feel very painful.

The researchers say that it is true that the body naturally produces cannabinoids to help regulate muscle spasticity. However, because there is no strong scientific evidence about the benefits of cannabis as this one, the experts can not be sure whether marijuana really can help overcome spasm or muscle cramps experienced by many people with multiple sclerosis.

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The researchers then found that muscle spasticity patients dropped to 30{622a03fc4d6461e493f2aaa13451a7d50ac40bb8abb44516ecd2e35fe6dc8085} when they smoke marijuana and do not change when they just suck placebo.

Although it proved to be quite effective, but researchers are still concerned about the effects of marijuana consumption in a long time, namely for cannabis affects cognitive function. This is due to multiple sclerosis sufferers have also been vulnerable to cognitive change.

The researchers said the study still has some disadvantages such as:

  • About 17 out of 30 people know when they are being used marijuana and when they’re sucking a placebo, which may cause the effect of bias
  • When the study was too short to make the researchers do not know what the long term effects of cannabis use

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor if you feel the drugs you consume can not help with muscle spasticity symptoms you are experiencing.