Marijuana in the Middle Ages

During the middle ages, marijuana is a drug that is very popular in the Middle East. Because wine is forbidden in Islam, many Muslims who ended up smoking hashish (the Arabic word for marijuana), which is also referred to as “grass”. The Arabs also make use of cannabis in the treatment. Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors, based on marijuana use in the past, has an ability of becoming a professional agency in the modern world today. Serving a worldwide consultation on site Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida, making it affordable by all patients overseas.

In the Middle Ages, Europeans used cannabis to treat tumors, coughs, and jaundice. Interestingly, the doctors and herbalists in the past it has warned against the dangers of marijuana if taken in excess, among others, could cause infertility and other hazards. Despite All Natural Medical Solutions, entered the era of the 1500s, the Spanish brought marijuana into North America. Where during colonialism hemp is used in the maritime industry, namely for clothes, paper, or rope.

At the end of the 1700s in the American medical journal has written use of hemp seeds and roots to overcome health problems, including skin inflammation and loss of consciousness.