medically responsible way to enlarge the weapon

Business magnifying tools vital rampant around us. In the mass media, many ads offer drugs to traditional ways to enlarge the male vital tool. Its new from gel titan.

However, the ad is not necessarily true. And now, there is a medically responsible way to enlarge the ‘weapon’.

Urologist James Elist developed a penis enlargement procedure that gives hope to small penis owners. A silicone implant is inserted into the penis which can instantly increase the length and thickness to 5 cm. The price of this procedure is $ 13,000 (about Rp 170 million).

Elist said patients can choose three implant sizes: large, extra large and an extra large double. “Nobody wants to have small and medium size,” he said.

He has been a urologist for more than 35 years. He is interested in male sexual dysfunction and is known as the first doctor to associate smoking with impotence.

For decades he became one of the many doctors performing surgery for men with erectile dysfunction, in which the protasis is placed into the penile artery. This procedure is designed to make blood flow properly through the arteries so that a man can experience an erection.

He explains, “I noticed after implantation, between a year or two, most men complained about the size of the penis.” They have erections but the length and thickness of the penis are smaller. “

In 2002 he found a solution of the size of the shrink. At that time there was a lot of penile enlargement therapy but nothing was effective. Fat injection was previously used to thicken the penis but Elist said it was absorbed after five or six months.

He said, “It causes disability because it creates clots under the penis, and the foreign tissue transplants and filler gels commonly used to treat facial wrinkles prove to be ineffective as well.” That’s why he got the idea of planting soft silicon under his penis.

“This is similar to breast implants, but breast implants are pockets of silicone gel or brine,” says the urologist. Implants planted in the penis are not filled in. “This material is a very soft silicon with a penis shape covering the penis 270 degrees and the entire length of the penis,” he explained.

He patented his invention in 2002 and began implant surgery in 2004. Since then he has been playing with design, size, technique and surgical procedures.

Elist says, “Now at this point, we have a perfect product, something I proudly offer to the community.”