MRI in Radiology – An Insight on Its Benefits

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is very popular in the medical and healthcare industry. It is a scanning technique useful for examining vital organs in the body. MRI procedure is recommended by doctors to understand and diagnose the causes of the disease or the illness that the patient faces. It is an advanced tool for diagnosis and painless.

MRI and its benefits…

Apparao Mukkamala in the USA has extensive knowledge when it comes to the field of radiology and MRI procedures. He says that the MRI procedure has the following advantages when it comes to determining the health of a person and understanding the causes of an illness or a disease.

  1. In the CT scan and X-ray, the patient does not have to take radiation in the body. Often the radiation in the CT scan and X-rays have the ability to damage the cells in the body, DNA molecules and this might lead to cancer. When it comes to MRI procedures it is safe and does not use radiation at all.
  2. Better diagnosis of soft tissues- The body has many soft tissues and with the aid of an MRI scan, their diagnosis is better and accurate. MRI is preferred for the diagnosis of cancer as it helps the physician differentiate between the normal tissue and the affected tissues.
  3. Better diagnosis of cerebral brain strokes- MRI scans are able to diagnose cerebral brain strokes in less than 24 hours. The changes and the damages to the cells in the brain can be easily detected with the aid of a cerebral scan. This helps the doctors to diagnose brain strokes.
  4. Better characterization of the pelvic mass lesions – with the aid of multi-parametric MRI scans, doctors are able to get an improved characterization of pelvic masses along with details like the morphological features, anatomic origin and the composition of the tissue mass.

5.Better resolution and characterization of tendons, ligaments, cerebral pathologies, and menisci- MRI scans are able to give patients an improved and higher resolution of tendons, ligaments, cerebral pathologies and menisci. With the aid of the MRI, scan doctors are able to distinguish the difference between a tear in the ligament and other reasons that cause the pain.

  1. Good for nerve roots- The abnormalities in the spinal cord and nerve roots can effectively be diagnosed with the aid of an MRI scan. These scans are able to provide accurate information to the doctors and physicians who are taking care of the patient. They give doctors the true picture when it comes to whether the nerves are compressed or inflamed.
  2. Infections in the bone marrow- With the aid of MRI scans, infection in the bone marrow can be detected with success.

Apparao Mukkamala says that when it comes to MRI scans for your health, it is very important for you to ensure that you resort to a good clinic. This will ensure that you have good radiologists who will take care of the process and conduct the scan in a top quality and safe manner.