Somatropin – A Comprehensive Knowhow


Somatropin is usually used in children that have deficiency in natural human growth hormone. This is mainly prescribed for those children who do not grow normally due to the deficiency in human growth hormone and to the adults that have the disability of lack in the bone density and waste of muscles. Self-injection is possible only if you are clear of all the instructions provided by your doctor. In most cases, you can visit a clinic or have a nurse do the injection for you. Somatotropin combines with growth factor to burn fat and builds muscle faster. Somatotropin injections enhances the appearance of biceps, builds abdominal muscles and comes with anti aging benefits by reducing wrinkles and blemishes. It has 191 amino acid residues.

Always we should keep in mind that the medicine should not be shaked. Because of this shaking it makes the medicine in active. Also it needs to be checked if there is any particles in the medicine or any kind of colour change. If so it is better discarding the medicine to avoid complications. We should have an idea to store the medicine properly and to discard the syringe that is used for the injection purpose. If Somatropin is used for the treatment of short bowel syndrome, nutritional supplements are found to be more effective. If this is used for the purpose of weight loss the result may be attained only after 2 weeks.

There are some of the food items that the Somatropin get interacted. If we have Zorbitive for the treatment of short bowel syndrome it is better to avoid the juices and the beverages.


The dosage of this human growth hormone depends on what are you being treated for. One needs to follow all the instructions available on the prescription label of your drug. One should avoid using this medicine other than the way it was prescribed. Like longer duration, or larger or smaller dose as it may cause serious problems

The way this drug is used is as an injection as it has 191 amino acid residues. Your physician will show you how to use this injection at home. It is better not to self-inject yourself if you are unsure or have not completely understood how to give injection. You should also be aware of proper way of disposing all the used syringes and needles.

The place where this injection will be injected will be shown by your practitioner. You need to inject different place each time and make sure that you don’t inject the same place twice in a row.

Disposable needles and syringes are meant to be used only once and then disposed of. One needs to follow the state rules and local laws for disposing any used needles and syringes. Do use a puncture-proof disposable container for throwing away such used needles. This container needs to be kept out of reach of pets and children all the time.

Frequent blood tests are required to use while using somatropin. You need to test your growth progress and at the same time eyes as well needed to be checked.