The Contribution of Dr. Cripe as NeuroEngineer and Behavioral Medicine Specialist


Curtis Cripe practices neuroengineering at NTL Group. NTL Group is a company situated in a district of Phoenix in Arizona, U.S.A. Curtis Cripe arrived in the field of behavioral medicine after a positive engineering career in which he assisted in arranging at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the major Mars landing and accomplished software improvement for Defense Department ventures.

The academic activities of Dr. Curtis Cripe span numerous disciplines that consist of

  • Aerospace Engineering: This field of engineering is concerned with the development of spacecraft and aircraft. It has two main and corresponding branches: astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering.
  • Neuro-Engineering: It is a discipline in biomedical engineering that utilizes engineering techniques to repair, understand, replace, or enhance or else exploit the properties of neural systems.
  • Psychology: It the scientific study of the human mind and its utilities, particularly those affecting behavior in a given situation.
  • Software Development: It is the process of documenting, computer programming, testing, and bug fixing involved in generating and keeping applications and frameworks resulting in a software product.
  • Psycho-Physiology: It is the discipline that studies the connection between physiological and psychological phenomena.
  • Programming: It is the process of writing computer programs.

Apart from this, he has mastered other disciplines such as brain injury, addiction recovery, and child neurodevelopment.

In the capacity of behavioral medicine, Dr. Cripe founded the Crossroads Institute and guided the management and technical efforts of more than twelve places in 7 states. This multi-state, multi-site, program used unique telemedicine brain training delivery methods and Internet management. He neuro-engineered combined cognitive restoration and neuro-development platforms devoted to supporting children with changing disorders, such as ADD/ADHD, autism, and other learning incapacities and programs for grown-ups with a varied choice of psychological complications such as traumatic brain injury and addiction.

Using the Internet and tele-medicine to handle and send appropriate brain-training treatments, the networked platforms help kids with autism, and learning issues, other developmental postponements, as well as grown-ups with anxiety, depression, PTSD, head injuries and substance abuse irrespective of location and remoteness.

When not working, Cripe enjoys beekeeping and hydroponic gardening, a curiosity he developed together with his wife. These hobbies have offered him with outstanding vegetables and honey.

Dr. Curtis Cripe holds a PhD and a master’s degree in behavioral medicine and health psychology from NorthCentral University. From California State Polytechnic University, Dr. Cripe also received a master’s degree in engineering and a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering.

Established in the field of neuroscience and behavioral medicine, Dr. Cripe is an author of ‘2 peer-reviewed papers’ and ‘2 chapters’. Curtis Cripe is a renowned worldwide speaker who has emphasized on the topic of cerebral brain function and investigation. He is an associate of the ‘Golden Key International Honor Society for Academics’, Certified Peak Performance Instructor, an INPP instructor for brain development as well as a Certified Neurotherapy Instructor.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the contribution of Dr. Cripe as neuroengineer and behavioral medicine specialist is certainly immense.